RBC is a church committed to growing disciples, strengthened in faith and growing in numbers daily.

Our Values


God accepts our humanness and we accept it too. We want to be vulnerable, to participate & to explore. You don’t have to be anything you’re not when you come.


We all have God given gifts and are encouraged to use them. It’s OK to make a mistake because we learn as we go. What is God saying? & what will you do? Have a go.


Provide an opportunity to belong; where we can be known and feel like family. We honour God; we love each other and we love those around us.


We focus on what unites us, that is Jesus, giving him first place in everything.


Knowing Jesus is King, we can’t help but be hungry for a personal relationship with Him and are willing to be changed in every aspect of who we are.

About Us

RBC is a community of people from all walks of life who love and follow Jesus. We value being real, gathering together, pursuing growth, having a go and focusing on what unites us, that is, Jesus, and making him first in everything.

Mission & Vision

A church committed to growing disciples, strengthened in faith and growing in numbers daily.

We are committed to growing disciples where they are at. That means we equip followers of Jesus to share His love in their own spheres of influence and to demonstrate His goodness to all. We seek to resource our people and others to take Jesus into the marketplace where He is needed most. 

Meet Our Team

We have a great team that works together to equip and lead our people to pursue Jesus. Together our histories and training span many different Bible Colleges, church denominational backgrounds and God encounters adding richness to all we do. What we have in common is a passion for Jesus and we are pleased to be serving alongside each other at this exciting time in history.
Christine Velebir
Christine VelebirExecutive Pastor
Sean Stahlhut
Sean StahlhutYouth Pastor
Amanda James
Amanda JamesChildren's Pastor
Leon Bronkhorst
Leon BronkhorstKey Ministry Leader - IT
Tricia Chandler
Tricia ChandlerKey Ministry Leader
Sam Brough
Sam BroughKey Ministry Leader - Youth