About Us

RBC is a community of people from all walks of life who love and follow Jesus. We value being real, gathering together, pursuing God, having a go and focusing on what unites us, that is, Jesus, and making him first in everything.

Mission & Vision

We are committed to growing disciples where they are at. That means we equip followers of Jesus to share His love in their own spheres of influence and to demonstrate His goodness to all. We seek to resource our people and others to take Jesus into the marketplace where He is needed most.

Our discipleship pathway is to Gather, Grow, and Go, and we provide various means of enabling our partners to take this journey.


‘Come as you are, but don’t stay as you are’. We encourage one another to trust God to change us into His likeness. Give us His heart, His honesty, His humility, His courage, His freedom, His joy. His love. It’s His work, not ours. Our place is to posture ourselves as children, looking up for His grace.

We consider the Scriptures to be His powerful and transforming wisdom for us, truth infused with His presence and power to take us through every season and circumstance in life. We also think that the Holy Spirit has a great deal He wants to say apart from the Scriptures. It’s our heart that we each learn to recognise His voice, and do as He instructs.


We are all called to partner in the work of the Kingdom through the Holy Spirit who is at work to change lives. Every one of us is necessary in this mission, because we are uniquely imprinted with God’s nature and gifting.

There is a great harvest waiting. We have work to do. Please join us.