Operation Christmas Child

As a church, one of our main mission programs each year is the Christmas in a Shoebox program organised by Samaritans Purse and headed up at our church by Tricia Chandler and the Womens Ministry. After the service each week in the foyer, there will be a stand where you can collect a shoebox and find out more information about the program. This year we hope to collect shoeboxes for those in need, to practically show Jesus love for children in less fortunate communities and to spread the gospel in to these unreached regions.

Why pack a shoebox full of gifts?

The shoebox you pack will very likely be the first gift the child has ever received. One more box = one more child reached with the unconditional love of God.

How do I start?

Packs of pre-printed shoeboxes can be found in the church foyer, ask for a box for each shoebox you plan on putting together.

Who are the shoeboxes for?

You can choose to fill your shoebox for a girl or for a boy and then choose an age range: 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14

What items should I put in my shoebox?

Include something from each of the 6 categories. Something to wear. Something to play with. Something for school. Something to love. Something special. Something for personal hygiene. More information can be found at the stand in the auditorium or see the packing list linked below.

I have packed my box, now what?

Each box needs $10 to be included with it to cover the cost of shipping the box to the country where it will end up. Once completed, keep the shoebox until our shoebox celebration on the 3rd of November, on this day we will stack them all on church stage and celebrate what Jesus has done.

Remember to pray for the child who will receive your shoebox gift. Include a personal note of encouragement. Make it personal.