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NOTE : Due to our COVID-9 Policy our Socials & Services are cancelled and our Youth Clubs are only meeting through online platforms. Please contact Ps Matt to get involved This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Youth SOCIAL _  

These are All in SOCIAL activities where we ALL do something together, 2 or 3 times a Term. Most of these will be FUN Excursions or Incursions, some will be Youth Concerts and as we develop we hope to promote Camps and Conferences aswell. 

Youth CLUBS _  

Youth Clubs will be the 'Heart Beat' of Cross Culture Youth. These are regular Small Groups where 3-10 students with 2 Youth Club Leaders will do something FUN and something MEANINGFUL. These groups can really take whatever shape Students would like. We expect the Fun part to look different in each group. Your group may, play a Sport, do Craft, play Uno, create a Band_ really anything that easy to do and will bring you together with your friends. PLUS, we'll have a Meaningful chat at some point which we hope will bring you closer together as friends but also help you grow closer to God and as a people.


Our Youth Service is for youth, done by youth. It will run like a regular Church service but with teaching, worship, and discussion time aimed at young people. Our Youth Service is a chance for all of our Youth Clubs and youth to get together to worship God and learn more about Him. Our Youth Leaders will be there as well, so young people can chat with them, ask questions, or ask for prayer.

Youth CONNECT _  

We know that going to church is a big shift if you havn't grown up doing it. Even for those who have grown up going to church the preaching is aimed at adults. Youth Connect happens during the sermon time and is a God discussion aimed at Grades 7-12. We hope this provides a space for each student to engage the Bible at an age appropriate level.  

I know we're doing things quite different to traditional Youth Groups. This is very purposeful. Our God given desire is to disciple a new generation of passionate God loving young people who feel supported and equipped to change the world for Jesus. 

If you have questions or would like a registration form contact me for more info _
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Matt Birch
Associate/Youth Pastor
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