Youth Clubs are at the heart of who we are at Cross Culture Youth.

In short, a Youth Club is a smaller group of Highschoolers that meet at different times throughout the week. We do something FUN which is basically whatver the students would like to do (Our Youth Shed is kitted out with PingPong, a Pool table, Boardgames, a Basketball Court etc so it's pretty easy to have fun). Then we do something MEANINGFUL which is generally a discussion around questions or topics that those students find relelvent to them; all done through the lens of our Christian Faith.

Each group organically has a rough age or demographic of students who attend so please contact me, Ps Matt, and i'll help you find the group that would suit you the best.

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9540 4450

Attached is our YOUTH CLUB HANDOUT (Click HERE) if you'd like to know more about each differnt Youth Club that operating right now.